Some lies have legs

President Biden made a curious speech at an Illinois town hall, saying that vaccinated people cannot spread COVID.  While the President is known for checking out from reality on occasion, this is contrary to what the CDC has found. With the unvaccinated providing a scapegoat for everything, including the President’s low approval ratings, it’s possible this gaffe was deliberate. Using data from 68 countries, Harvard researchers recently concluded that numbers of COVID cases are unaffected by vaccination rates, Given that the facts are clear, it would seem the government would rather ask forgiveness than permission. 

The push to get children vaccinated was helped by a New York Times piece which exaggerated COVID deaths in children by almost 15 times! But it was crickets from the factcheckers.

Pfizer has asked for emergency authorization to use its vaccines on children aged 5 to 11. But Sweden and Denmark have paused the use of Moderna vax for young people. The family of Henrietta Lacks is suing a biotech firm, saying cells were taken from her in 1951 without her consent. Mrs. Lacks’ cells were the first to be cloned, into an “immortal cell line” which is still used today. In our culture of death, the weak are preyed upon and it’s a strangely telling that babies can’t give consent to use their cells either. 

Speaking of the unborn.. As expected Texas’ heartbeat bill was suspended by a circuit judge, but was reinstated soon after. The law is to go back and forth, but will likely make it up to the Supreme Court in the future.

If the levy breaks

gray dam under blue sky
Mad Christians don’t need to find conspiracies under every rock to know that evil really exists and that evil people really do evil things. In this age where the “cult of vaccines” has the fearful and the powerful worshiping at the altar of medicine, an instructive case-in-point has surfaced from the nation of Lithuania. A few stories have emerged, though not widely covered by Big Media, of what life is like for those who remain unvaccinated there. Mad Mondays understands that around 40% of Lithuanians remain unvaccinated and are quickly finding life very difficult.

An anonymous man has penned a piece outlining what his life is like now. (See here and here.) Unvaccinated people are not allowed to enter many shops and businesses. Medical care is only allowed in emergencies and for outpatient appointments. Some have lost their jobs. The writer points out that Lithuania was under Soviet occupation in recent decades and deep divisions remain. While people are fearful of falling under such rule again, he says they are apathetic. Our histories might have tracked a little differently, but don’t think it can’t happen where you are.

Waiting for the storm to pass may not be an option. It may be time to brace ourselves for impact. Our church leaders are just as likely to be overcome by the white noise. Watch this sermon from Concordia Fort Wayne last week (around the 7 minute mark) and understand that whether through ignorance or by choice, people are not discerning the lies and obfuscation of the spirit of the age. GK Chesterton is said to have noted that, “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” Mad Christians know that we, like St. Paul, are crucified to the world. We are those who were dead and are now alive, washed in the waters of baptism and equipped to battle everything that sets itself against the knowledge of God and his truth. It is hard work to swim against the tide, but if you’ve shaken wide awake, you know what’s at stake. More than that, you know that our Redeemer lives and his victory is sure. Take courage – you are immortal now.

Didn’t think that one through

set of medical protective face masks
National Geographic, amongst other media outlets has pointed out that the current tally of COVID deaths means 1 in 500 Americans have died from the disease. A terrible milestone, for sure. Yet The Atlantic has published an article reinforcing what studies in other countries have found. The piece reports that almost half the recorded cases of COVID requiring hospitalization were for patients with mild cases or for those admitted for reasons other than COVID. One physician quoted says, “Those patients who are there with rather than from COVID don’t belong in the metric.”

A spokesman for a rural Texas hospital says that if vaccine mandates are enforced many smaller medical centers may be forced to close. Larry Gray, Seminole Hospital District CEO, said that he would potentially lose a third of his staff and noted that mandates are a bad look for vaccines. “If the vaccinations are working, why do you have to mandate people to get [them]? What happens to individual choice and medical decisions between the patient and their doctor, which… we’re trying to support,” he said. Meanwhile, a hospital in upstate New York said it would pause delivering babies after a spate of resignations amongst maternity staff. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says the HHS is making it difficult to acquire monoclonal medications, which are proving useful in treating patients with COVID. The Florida Governor also warned that any government agency mandating vaccines in his state will be fined. A judge in NY has also blocked the mandate for a group of health workers. Despite all this, elites keep pushing their narratives and justifying their hypocrisy. Leana Wan (a former head of Planned Parenthood) says that interstate travel should be a privilege only for vaccinated Americans (H/T golgatha).  At the same time, it would seem that thousands of people are pouring through the southern US border without being vaxxed. Such privilege!

The Guardian has reported that boys are at risk of heart inflammation due to the Pfizer vaccination.

In a small win for sanity, England has ditched plans for vaccine passports. Well, at least for now.

Refuse to Complicate

photo of man kneeling while praying
If you’re still reading this, then it means you’re probably not one of that massively cynical consensus, gradually being driven insane by their devices. Rather, you resent the evident crossbreeding of abused trusts in the power of the surveillance state programmed into your friends and neighbors by the superpower of dissent mitigation waged as media in the name of “public health”. You are one of those waking up to realize that the state of disorientation we are all experiencing is both engendered and intentional.

“They” have been using these passion-enhancing tools to amplify the basest and most vile infatuations of the human psyche, and “they” will continue to breed tensions between men until “they” are consumed in the fires of His coming.

Make no mistake: the demons know what they are doing.

Consider the safety of your family, both temporally and Spiritually in the current disorder. Think of how controlled your attempts at opposition always feel amid the evils of the world burning down around you.

Then remember that Jesus desires more fruit. That much is obvious. So you’re not here to give up and wait for the black pill to swallow you.

You’re going to pray to the God who saves. Because He does.

“They’re” burning the ships. You don’t have a choice. This is your moment. Alleluia.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

This won’t hurt a bit

President Biden lurched a little more totalitarian last week, mandating that staff at companies with 100 or more employers must be vaccinated against COVID or be tested weekly. (Except for Members of Congress, who apparently have a right to privacy and can’t be forced to be vaccinated.) The announcement was made during a troubling speech in which the President showed disdain for the unvaccinated, blaming them for clogging up hospitals, prolonging the pandemic and causing business and schools closures. Having said previously that he would not mandate vaccines, the President now says that his patience with those who won’t get vaccinated is “wearing thin.”

The President also expressed his “disappointment” with a number of governors who vowed to fight the mandate saying he would use his power to “get them out of the way.” Well, that’s not crazy talk at all… Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went to bat for workers who will face a difficult choice. He also asked a reasonable question: If cases are  300% more than they were this time last year, doesn’t that suggest that vaccines might not be helping much

Townhall believes that such a mandate will “sink in a legal quagmire,” but the President said any detractors could “have at it” in challenging the mandate, insisting that The Science and the public is on his side. Mad Christians who are facing the prospect of a mandated vaccination may be interested in a rec sent to us by Annie. It is from LifeSite and contains many ideas for how to go about applying for an exemption

This may be more gaslighting from our leaders, a game of chicken to see who will flinch first. So know what you believe and why it’s important. Raise your voice in prayer and ask your heavenly Father for wisdom and strength. And know you are not alone.

Small Demons

person about to catch four dices
The rise in the death toll was difficult to perceive at first.

A “1% rise in cardiac enigmatic events in genetically-modified people per year compounding” is a dull headline. It went largely unreported by the Ministry of News for the first two decades of treatments. By the time the exogenous leukemias set in, “normal” rates of heart attack were demolishing people groups, reducing family survivability by 15%. “Anticancer mRNA protocols” added to the quarterly boosters didn’t stem the bleeding. It was a long time before most people were able to notice or begin to realize that no one was having children.

By the time my grandfather died, the world population had entirely collapsed. Thank God he built that ark….

The Game

“They” tease you busy, expending endless spiritual energies (“feelings”) on things you can do nothing about, in order to wear you down until you’re too impotent to do any of the righteous things you can do something about. 
Don’t let them.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Ups and downs

There were some COVID “wins” this week… An Ohio judge has ordered that a COVID patient be treated with Ivermectin. Julie Smith won the court order on behalf of her husband, Jeffrey, who has been ventilated and in ICU for weeks. 

The Federalist is reporting that mass resistance against vaccine mandates has risen in Washington, after the state made it almost impossible to get an exemption.ICYMI An Israeli study showed that people who had recovered from SARS-CoV-2 had significantly higher immunity against the disease than vaccinated people. 

Everyone’s favorite loudmouth, Joe Rogan, has contracted COVID. Having been outspoken against COVID vaccines, Rogan has been taking various medications, including Ivermectin. He said in a post that he is feeling great.And to the battle still ahead… In a weirdly political episode, conservative talk show host, Candace Owens says she was denied a COVID test by a clinic in Colorado. The clinic claimed it would be “unfair’ for them to assist Owens because she “made the pandemic worse” by discouraging masks and vaccines.

The specter of vaccine mandates is still hanging around, with Reuters claiming that 52% of companies say they will mandate vaccines in the coming months. NPR seems surprised that vaccinations rise when they are mandated. While the article claims the rise in cases has jolted people into getting jabbed, we suspect the threat to livelihoods and the desire to go about their lives has a lot to do with it.

golgatha shared a Tweet with Us the Chill. A study about the usefulness of Ivermectin in fighting COVID-19 highlights the point: “Everyone has lost their minds and medicine is now purely political.” Yeah, we hear ya…

Cue: the Great Reset

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said what we all suspected our elites are thinking: what we learned from the COVID crisis, we can apply to climate, housing, and everything else. Mr. Trudeau said COVID had proved how “ambitious and bold” governments need to be to address society’s problems. (See the 31 minute mark of the full video.) Apparently giving the government lots of control and spending like crazy will fix everything.. Just call it a “public health threat” and you can get the control you need.

To Australia, where the craziness continues, one state is trialing a tracking app for people who are quarantining at home. The app will randomly ping people, giving them fifteen minutes to prove they are actually at home. Nothing to see here..

If you really want to raise your blood pressure, Helen Andrews has likened vaccine passports to the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system and a Canadian guy has pointed out how COVID restrictions are an awful lot like a controlling spouse.

Scary but true: Heavy metal may be the best soundtrack for reading COVID news…



The biggest COVID news last week was that the Pfizer vaccine was given full approval from the FDA. Mainstream media outlets and Dr. Fauci seem to think that this move settles the matter of “vaccine hesitancy” and have called for more vaccine mandates. So after all the flip-flopping, all the censoring of dissenting voices, apparently all we needed was a branch of government to give us the thumbs up and now we’re good to go? Don’t think that’s how trust works…

Delta Airlines is laying down the law, telling employees to get the jab or pay their own health insurance. Other airlines are still deciding whether to mandate vaccination for their employees.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has been taking a lot of heat for many of his policies, with haters in the media mis-reporting COVID deaths in the state. Many headlines and tweets relayed that over 900 people had died in the state in a day. However, in reality that was the total number of deaths for a month. This is just another reminder to keep your wits about you when you read the headlines.

Governor DeSantis recently signed an executive order, banning schools from imposing masks on students. A judge, however, has kicked back against the Order, claiming that DeSantis has overstepped his authority. So, to sum up: a governor ensuring parents have control over their kids’ health is “overstepping authority” but a judge ruling that kids without masks endanger the lives of others is not? Studies have led experts to conclude that there is a “lack [of] credible evidence for the benefits of masking kids.” Something about pots and kettles comes to mind.

The Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has banned vaccine mandates for government employees.

A study by Britain’s National Health Service found that nitric oxide nasal spray reduced viral load in patients with mild COVID symptoms. The treatment may reduce the progression of the disease. Meanwhile, India is trialing a DNA vaccine

A report commissioned by President Biden into the origins of the novel coronavirus has returned as inconclusive. Officials aim to declassify sections of the report in the next few days.

The French Resistance: Diners in French turned picnics into a protest against vaccine mandates, which are required for dining-in. The picnickers enjoyed their meals on the pavement, right outside quiet restaurants. 

Masks and vaccines yada yada

The war over mask mandates is continuing, with a number of “red states” banning compulsory masking. Local school officials in Texas are challenging the bans, saying they will continue to require students to mask up.

But even CNN recognizes that fresh air is good for kids.

And the war over vaccines is also raging. The CDC has warned of “significant decline” in vaccine effectiveness and has called for booster shots. Some scientists say the push for booster shots is premature and that the evidence for dwindling immunity is not compelling. The Delta variant of SARS-CoV2 appears to be spreading easily through vaccinated people.

The zeal of the pro-vaccine crowd is running hot, with a story out of Washington about a heart transplant patient being removed from the organ waiting list, after confirming he won’t take a COVID vaccine. (H/T to @alisha for that story.) For Mad Christians who are avoiding the vaccine, we need to be aware of the rhetoric that is building. After President Biden said recently that the unvaccinated are prolonging the pandemicWashPo columnist (and former head of Planned Parenthood ) Leana Wen wrote that America needs to return to indoor masking, and that it is all the fault of the unvaccinated. 

The University of Virginia has disenrolled 238 unvaccinated students
A Broadway critic has been dunking on an actress who withdrew from a production due to its mandatory vaccination policy. 
ZeroHedge has collected examples of animus against people who are not vaccinated and it is kinda insane.

So, don’t feed the trolls— they seem to live off human misery. 

The march of the vaccine regime is not without pushback, though. New York restauranteurs are suing Mayor de Blasio over vaccine segregation, saying it will cost them their livelihoods.

Rev Fisk asked us to pass on the Rutherford Institute’s guidelines for requesting vaccine exemption at work.  

We present once again, the famous based Canadian gym bro, who predicted all this and more.

A war you can’t win

The Spectator‘s Kat Rosenfield has written a short piece, attacking the myth of “Zero COVID”. The insistence that Sars-COV2 could be beat by “locking down and vaccinating it out of existence” was always “a fantasy.” She notes, as National Geographic recently pointed out, only two diseases have ever been eradicated – one human and one bovine. Although governments don’t generally admit that this has been their strategy, the obsession with who’s got the least cases suggests that it is still the guiding principle in many places.

Rosenfield observes that this is not the case with other viruses, such as the flu. People assess their risk and decide how to act from there. It is accepted that some people will die of flu, every time it comes around. Yet, with COVID the messaging remains as it was in the early days – if you break the rules, you are morally culpable for someone else getting sick. Dr. Fauci said recently that those who don’t wear a mask are encroaching on others’ rights. The misery inflicted by aggressive “Zero COVID” strategies is becoming clearer (Australia, anyone?), but the fear-driven news cycle will not let up.

Do we have a “right” to stay healthy or not be exposed to risk? Rosenfield writes, “Co-existing with other creatures is the price of admission for Planet Earth, and that includes the millions of microorganisms.” Mad Christians know that very well. We know that creation is groaning under the curse of our sin – Jesus said that wars, natural disasters, plagues and death would continue until he returns. 

Martin Luther’s famous letter written during the Black Death circulated widely in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps that is because he speaks with the calmness that only a baptized child of God knows. He suggests we think like this: We know “by God’s decree the enemy has sent us poison and deadly offal”, so we will ask God to mercifully protect us. While we won’t tempt God with reckless behavior, we will take sensible precautions and freely help our neighbors. 

The pagans and their cleanliness religion will try to innovate or police The Curse out of existence, but that is not our burden. How different it is to follow Dr. Luther’s example, to take the Sacrament and prepare to die, in service of those God has placed in our lives.  If only Dr. Luther worked for the CDC… 

The battle goes on

Conservative corners of the interwebs have been awash with videos of people -adults and children- giving school boards a piece of their minds when it comes to mask mandates in schools. It is always heartening to see community resistance against broad and mindless policies. This one caught our eye, as Matt Walsh brought the fire to his school board meeting, saying what we are all thinking. 

The Desert Review is reporting that India successfully used the drug Ivermectin extensively to fight the last outbreak there. But it’s crickets in the mainstream media… French police are checking vaccine passports of outdoor diners in Paris. But Italians are burning theirs.

One vaccine expert is calling for an immediate halt to vaccination, saying vaccination during a pandemic promotes “immune escape variants” which are more infectiousness and reduce the formation of antibodies.

Politico crunched some numbers last month and concluded that the divide over mask mandates and lockdowns has more to do with income than political affiliations. It makes sense, that staying at home and having people bring you things is an option many service industry and blue-collar workers don’t have.

Nobody was kung-fu fighting

Two Olympic judo competitors, one from Algeria and one from Sudan, have been sent home from Tokyo, after refusing to fight an Israeli athlete. A Mongolian judo competitor has dedicated his silver medal to Israel. Saeid Mollaei, who defected from Iran, has previously trained with the Israeli national team. 

Almost 50 years after the event, the Olympic Committee held a moment of silence to remember the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Games, held in Munich. And, the twists keep coming, with an Iranian medal winner outed as a member of a terrorist organization

As the Tokyo Olympics enters its second week, it is hard to avoid the feeling that the storied event is experiencing a bit of a dip in popularity. It could be chalked up to a number of things, maybe the activism on the part of athletes or that little distraction known as The Pandemic. The New Yorker labeled Tokyo “the Anger Games,” suggesting that residents of the city did not want to host the eventNot the Bee referred to this year’s Games as “Wokyo” due to the particular form of activism on the part of athletes (here and here). In 2018, Business Insider wrote that no one really wants to host the Olympic Games any more, given the massive bill and scale of the disruption. Maybe this is another of those things cracked open by 2020? Either way, it will be interesting to see what lies ahead for the Olympics.

You can always follow the advice of Evita Duffy from The Federalist who suggested, you could just watch highlights from the Lumberjack World Championships instead.

And, FYI what makes an Olympic pool “fast.”

Didn’t we do this already?

Although President Biden said only months ago that he would not mandate vaccines or masks at a national level, he has now ordered that federal workers must be vaccinated or submit to frequent testing. Postal workers are exempt from the order, which may be due to union opposition to mandatory vaccination. Many smaller power brokers are doing the same, with a new edict from Governor Newsom imposing similar conditions on Californian healthcare workers and state employees. The Department of Veteran Affairs will also mandate vaccination for its medical staff, as will NYC for its workers, while Broadway will require vaccinations and masks for audiences and crew.

President Biden recently suggested that people who are unvaccinated are “not as smart as he thought they were,” but his assertion that the only “pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated” may be challenged. Although the amount of “breakthrough” cases (where a vaccinated person contracts COVID) is small, vaccinated people can still spread the virus or even die in rare circumstances. Complicating the picture further is the fact that many agencies, including the CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases except in cases of hospitalization or death, Bloomberg reports.

Liberal publication, Slate, has printed a dispassionate review of the “noble lies” told by public health officials. It is interesting to see a Left-leaning site acknowledge that a) lies were told and b) the lying did not produce the required behavior. Whether anyone will learn a lesson though, is another thing…

In the UK, recently leaked government figures show that almost half of the patients recorded as being admitted to hospital due to COVID, only tested positive on arrival. The new data suggests that the rate of hospitalization because of COVID is overstated. Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have changed tack after chasing a “Zero COVID” agenda through the last year. The British PM lifted most restrictions from July 19, drawing the ire of liberal media. Cases are currently dropping in Britain, and no doubt the world will be watching.

Crazy scenes from Italy’s parliament went viral this week. After one MP was chased out of the House for protesting vaccine mandates, a number of politicians hit the floor to stand with him.

Also wild – according to reports, half of the deer in Michigan have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Vaccination is freedom. Ignorance is bliss.

Without over-egging the Orwellian pudding, here’s a few pieces of news that would raise eyebrows if it weren’t 2021…

A federal judge has sided with an Indiana University, saying they can mandate that students are vaccinated. In France, the Eiffel Tower has re-opened after nearly nine months closed. Tourists will need to show proof of vaccination, a recent recovery from COVID, or have negative test result to be admitted. Also in France, protests have erupted over the Macron government’s plan to mandate vaccines for health workers and require “health passports” in public spaces. Update: protests were held across Italy and also in Australia but Israel is trying some emotional blackmail.

If I could change the world: The debate against vaccine passports gained an ally in Eric Clapton. The singer said he reserves the right to cancel performances at venues demanding proof of vaccination. Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters have canceled a “vaccinated-only” concert after a case of COVID was discovered among their crew.

White House staffers have tested positive for COVID. Texas Democrats, who fled their state to avoid voting on changes to election laws there, are the source of the infections with several of the renegades delivering the virus to DC.

In a satisfying moment of straight talk, journalist Mary Katherine Ham educated the news presenters at CNN about why the public doesn’t trust Dr Fauci.

Study: Johnson & Johnson vaccine is less effective against Delta variant.Johnson & Johnson, along with three pharmaceutical distribution companies have offered to pay out multiple lawsuits in a landmark settlement. The group of companies has offered $26BN to be paid to communities and individuals affected by opioid addiction. The companies are accused of “funneling a flood of opioid painkillers” to communities and downplaying the danger of the drugs. The settlement “does not include an admission of liability.”

Correction 07.26.21 While the linked article was correct, we had written that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi had contracted COVID. This was not the case, but only members of their staff.

This is the way

An interesting article written by Shayla Love was recently published in Vice. Love follows the rising popularity of Stoicism, a philosophy which died out in antiquity, recorded largely by Marcus Aurelius and Seneca. The Stoics believed in being virtuous, living ethically but most famously, taking a sober view of life, not stressing about things outside their control.

Today, Love notes, a lot of Stoic ideas have been co-opted by marketing, a pick ‘n’ mix selection of disciplines for modern life-coaching, self-help and entrepreneurs— “not so much a philosophy as a collection of life hacks for overcoming anxiety… curbing anger, and…finding stillness and calm.” Stoicism’s practical applications make it very “meme-able” but it is not surprising that it is striking a chord with many.

As the Mad Christian has observed, the tsunami of 2020 has left a lot of wreckage but also exposed the fragility of things we once assumed were here forever. Life in Modern-land can make victimhood seem attractive, but you don’t need the grit of a Mandalorian to appreciate that a serious acceptance of how life is can help stave off a feeling of helplessness.

At this moment, some Stoic realism may be just what is needed in the white noise. The value of focusing on things near at hand has become an antidote to the frenzied chattering of those far away. Producing things yourself is a satisfying counterpoint to mass-produced Stuff and online existence. Opting out of the cracking pace to spend time in God’s Word and with your family  refuels your peace of mind. 

No fatalism is necessary, though, for those in Christ Jesus. We can know, as recorded by the prophet Isaiah, God declares the end from the beginning. His counsel will stand and he does his own good pleasure. We can live this life with quiet endurance, knowing that he waits for us at the finish line. 

Time for your booster

AP News has reported that Pfizer is planning to meet with US health officials to discuss a third booster jab of their vaccine to increase antibodies. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been slapped with a new warning label by the FDA, after some cases of a rare neurological condition were discovered in vaccinated patients. Moderna is starting to study its vaccine’s affect on pregnancy and miscarriage.

Johnson and Johnson have had a pretty bad week, with several of their sunscreen lines being recalled due to the discovery of traces of carcinogenic compounds.

Protests have erupted in Greece over the banning of unvaccinated people from public spaces. Have they never heard of “bodily autonomy”?

ZeroHedge reported on a tweet thread, which show that cases of COVID are spiking in places with the highest rates of vaccinations. Dr. Robert Malone, a “pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines” tweeted that “this is worrying me quite a bit.”

South Korean gyms are being instructed by the government to only play music “120bpm or slower” as a condition of keeping their facilities open. The order is supposed to reduce the spread of coronavirus by “prevent[ing] breathing too fast or splashing sweat to other people.” Apart from the fact that lots of customers use their own headphones during a workout, one Seoul gym owner asks the big question: Which has more impact on spreading the virus- “classical music or BTS songs.” Touché

Unchartered territory

In other COVID news, Moderna has begun human trials of mRNA vaccines for flu. One study has found a correlation between low testosterone in men and a higher risk of dying from COVID. And an Ohio judge has said he will reduce probation time for offenders who agree to get the COVID vaccine. No pressure..

Judicial Watch has summarized more documents further illuminating the history of US grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Dr. Fauci’s involvement. After much deliberation, the Tokyo Olympic committee has decided to ban spectators, citing Japan’s recent spike in COVID cases.

On a lighter note, the BBC reported that kids are using cola to get false positive COVID tests, all to get out of school.

Too bad to be true?

A kerfuffle broke out in various quarters of the internet over a study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study was conducted early in the USA’s rollout of COVID vaccinations and aimed to gather data on the potential danger of mRNA vaccines to pregnant women. Somewhere along the way, a claim was made that the study found miscarriages occurring in 82% of pregnancies. LifeSite News, a website trusted by many Mad Christians to bring true information about vaccines and abortion also reported this sensational headline.

Rev. Fisk thought something smelled funky, requesting fact-checking by the Us-the-Chill brain trust— they did not disappoint. Bill, a resident number-cruncher summarizes as follows:

“Here’s what we’re given:

  1. Researchers publish study in NEJM that claims (and here I’ll quote directly) ‘Preliminary findings did not show obvious safety signals among pregnant persons (sic) who received mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.’
  2. Claims circulated that said the researchers were failing to acknowledge that their own numbers reveal that 82% of those receiving the vaccine had a miscarriage. Further claims are that MSM won’t cover it because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Etc. “

Bill also suggested that the study’s design is a little confusing to the non-statistically minded, but concluded: “This particular study does not sway me one way or the other. I cannot, based on this study alone, claim the vaccine to be low risk, nor can I claim it to be high risk. Not enough information.”

It is sad to see LifeSite publish this news, when a little digging might have given them pause, and yet it shows that you can never check your brain at the door when assessing news today. The fact-checkers have not been without their biases, but in this instance, PolitiFact (yes, the one Facebook relies on for its “Truth-O-Meter”) made a fairly good summary of the situation. LifeSite has since pulled their article on the study, stating that it needs reviewing.

There is a quip, attributed to Mark Twain, about lies being able to travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. The amount of information presented to us every day is one thing, but the speed of a Twitter feed turnover is akin to a digital autobahn. Whether half-truths and lies start with an Instagram post, a conservative news outlet, or a government agency, we need to take time to assess them. 

If something fits our narrative too cleanly, it is wise to be a little suspicious. Those without hope in the world cling to any information that endorses their worldview. Being on the “right side of history” is the self-justifying project of the modern man and morsels of half-truth are tasty – for a time. But Mad Christians do not need the world to fit into neat categories, because we know whose world it is. God’s trustworthy word says it best, “The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.” ~Proverbs 14

This is no time to panic

The latest hysteria out of COVIDland is that there is a new strain in town. The “delta variant” as it is designated, has produced a lot of headlines, prompting fresh lock downs and mask mandates around the globe. But The Blaze has labeled all the hair-on-fire reporting as “panic porn” masquerading as science. Writer Daniel Horowitz lays out the reasons why the virus strain, which is the predominant one in India, is not as bad as the media makes out. This is consistent with what experts were saying late last year— as viruses mutate they often become more contagious but less deadly. (H/T to kudsid for the story)

A new study has confirmed the very low risk of transmission of the Sars-CoV-2 virus on surfaces. So can we quit with the hand sanitizer already?

ZeroHedge has reported that a few male soldiers sought help for acute chest pain within days of receiving mRNA vaccination.

The American Humanist Society has named Dr. Fauci as its Humanist of the Year for his empathy, compassion, and “steadfast commitment to science.” We’ll just leave that there.

Follow the science

My, how things have changed.. It was not that long ago that anyone who baulked at the idea of lockdowns and wearing masks was shouted down as a “science-denier.” While the data has been bearing out the idea that lockdowns don’t make much difference, now even the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for masks. Emma Green wrote an illuminating piece for The Atlantic recently, highlighting liberals who can’t quit the lockdown life.

While some progressives openly admit they just want to oppose whatever former President Trump recommended, others are trapped in a way of thinking that is, ironically, no longer supported by “the science.” Green writes in her article that some people see extreme caution as “a form of good citizenship” and are reluctant to give that up. Others are still working through the “trauma of the past year.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gave an interesting insight into this mindset when she said that she would need to “rewire” her brain. Even though health authorities assured her that science backs their recommendations, she said it would take patience and compassion for her to not see unmasked people as selfish and a threat. The comments on her tweet show the grip that this thinking has on people, with most saying they would not be quitting masks any time soon. One reply summed up where we are: “I need more than a CDC announcement.”

Mad Christians will see a few takeaways here. We know that when mankind casts away the fear and knowledge of God, they don’t become less religious. Nor do they become more rational or free. Our creaturely status means we will always seek something to worship. The dream of humanitarianism – that human potential is infinite and that our best days are always ahead – is foolishness. Human institutions can’t save anyone and the worship of science leads to disappointment. 

So maybe it is we Mad Christians who need patience and compassion. For the ones who are on shifting sand, fearful of death and putting their hope in masks, vaccinations and mandates, we have good news. There is a hope that never disappoints, sealed by the very blood of Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life. 

This is the truth which emboldens us to live without fear, knowing it is Christ who ordains our days. May he strengthen us to speak this truth to those who are bound by the rules of a false religion, without hope in this world.

Behind the masks

The masks are coming off! Everything will be back to normal soon! We’re in the clear and out of the woods!

IF you have been vaccinated.
IF you are in the right class of people.
IF you do what you’re told and don’t ask questions.

(Remember, this is a religion.)

Its message is unambiguously discomforting.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Consider a Well-Mixed Room

The prestigious boys at M.I.T. have done the honest man a favor by publishing the results of a new study which emphatically clears the air about COVID / SARS-2 status and prevention as an aerosol-style virus.

Let’s begin with some of their research:

On second thought, let’s sum up: if you are in a confined space with a sick person, no amount of masking or social distancing will prevent viral overload of the average person’s immune system over extended lengths of time.

Here’s another synonymous take: if you need to run in and out of a building in which there is a sick person, wearing a mask might prevent viral overload if you are not in there more than a few minutes. But this is anything but certain. In the other direction, wearing a mask in a room with a sick person for an extended time only makes you get sick more uncomfortably.

Or, how about this valid take away: the only way to stop the spread of COVID / SARS-2 at your local church is to never meet again. One could also send all obviously sick people home, but just like masks and vaccines, this only mitigates risk. It does not remove it.Here is one more not to miss: six feet, schmix feet. It’s a joke. This isn’t ebola.

The best cure for not getting fooled is too often getting fooled once and taking firm note.

The best cure for not being a fool is drinking from a pure font.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
Rev. Fisk