The Third Great War

American casualties have already begun. CDC reports 8000 confirmed inoculation-related deaths. This is an order of magnitude greater than expected by all previous vaccine trials.

The skinny dirt: the toxic goop meant to stay in your shoulder instead flushes your blood for 24 hours, then settles into either your bone marrow and/or ovaries. After that, we’re not sure.

“Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement” is big words for what all previous corona-style vaccine animal trials discovered: corona vaccines inexplicably prep the host white blood cells to aid the virus. Some say “now today yes!” Others say “now today no!”

What happens when you multiply a black swan to the unicorn power? The potential real fallout is stunning and unimaginable. What shall we say? “Father, save us from the hour?”

No! Father, glorify your name!

Be the forge. Embrace the heat. Smile into the raging pain of the dross burning away. Because if the scroll isn’t about to get rolled up, then this the moment you were born again to be ready for.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Steeling our kids

An interesting piece of news came to our attention last week, with the editor of a German newspaper apologizing to children for his publication’s coverage of the pandemic. Julian Reichelt, editor of Bild, said he was sorry for causing children to be fearful, telling them they would “murder their grandma” if they met with friends or family. 

The Progressive Left has made no secret of its desire to affect wholesale change in society by targeting kids. Before the burden of making sure you’re woke enough was put on youngsters, “eco-anxiety” was reported in children, with the coverage of child climate activist, Greta Thunberg, painting a very bleak future for the planet.

Abigail Shrier recently wrote an essay on the hopeful tone being set by the political campaign of JD Vance. Noting that children are being taught that there is nothing good about America, she says that we could all stand to hear something positive. In a thought provoking line, she writes “Is there any more damning indicator of a culture than that it produces hopeless children?” 

Mad Christians are familiar with the ways that the white noise can break down our hope, making every news cycle feel urgent, every corruption of morality inevitable, and the undermining of truth with confusion, ubiquitous. This is true for us; it’s also true for our children. 

Yet our hope is real, guaranteed by Christ himself. Teaching children that the world is not all roses can be a daunting task, but we can pray for wisdom. Rev. Fisk’s advice on this subject (around the 41 minute mark) is the same for children as for adults who find their hope is fading: turn to the Psalter, learn the Creeds and hear the red-letter promises of Jesus. The writer to the Hebrews reminds us of Christ’s words to his people “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say:

“The Lord is my helper;
I will not fear.
What can man do to me?” 


Disorientation is Not Entertaining

The thing about the bottom is that from there you have nothing left to lose. Nothing to fear. Nothing to hold onto.

Filling up the sins of a people until the time of wrath is God’s justice. But it is also his patience, buying you back and saying, “Come out of her, my people.”I have had momentary Harry Potter/Luke Skywalker moments wherein I surmise that I might be the long lost, hidden, protected, soon-to-be-revealed son of the king of the universe who needs me to grow up early and join the war by living a totally unexpected and awesome life that compels me to set down my petty worries and take up the arms of vivid, integral life.

Then I remember that because I am washed in the name of Jesus it is absolutely true.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Don’t borrow thoughts

Buy the best ones you can find, and exchange the more recent ones for them, dearly.

The white noise works by overwhelm. You don’t know what you’re losing out the back door when the input volume is cranked to the maximum.

Disorientation is not entertaining.

Unless you are addicted to it.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Ask it why

The next time you are afraid, ask it “why?”

Don’t act. Don’t move. Don’t fix. Don’t save.

Instead, feel the fear. Breathe it. Find it pulsing in you bones like an energy.

A fire.

There, burning in your fear, but not driven by it, learn the message for your soul: the clarity of your weakness.

This is ferocious hope. This is potent insight. This is heavenly knowledge.

To know your fear is to know your idol or your God.

To know your weakness is to know where to strengthen.

But you can’t learn any of this while running from a tiger…

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
Jonathan Fisk

Follow the science

My, how things have changed.. It was not that long ago that anyone who baulked at the idea of lockdowns and wearing masks was shouted down as a “science-denier.” While the data has been bearing out the idea that lockdowns don’t make much difference, now even the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for masks. Emma Green wrote an illuminating piece for The Atlantic recently, highlighting liberals who can’t quit the lockdown life.

While some progressives openly admit they just want to oppose whatever former President Trump recommended, others are trapped in a way of thinking that is, ironically, no longer supported by “the science.” Green writes in her article that some people see extreme caution as “a form of good citizenship” and are reluctant to give that up. Others are still working through the “trauma of the past year.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gave an interesting insight into this mindset when she said that she would need to “rewire” her brain. Even though health authorities assured her that science backs their recommendations, she said it would take patience and compassion for her to not see unmasked people as selfish and a threat. The comments on her tweet show the grip that this thinking has on people, with most saying they would not be quitting masks any time soon. One reply summed up where we are: “I need more than a CDC announcement.”

Mad Christians will see a few takeaways here. We know that when mankind casts away the fear and knowledge of God, they don’t become less religious. Nor do they become more rational or free. Our creaturely status means we will always seek something to worship. The dream of humanitarianism – that human potential is infinite and that our best days are always ahead – is foolishness. Human institutions can’t save anyone and the worship of science leads to disappointment. 

So maybe it is we Mad Christians who need patience and compassion. For the ones who are on shifting sand, fearful of death and putting their hope in masks, vaccinations and mandates, we have good news. There is a hope that never disappoints, sealed by the very blood of Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life. 

This is the truth which emboldens us to live without fear, knowing it is Christ who ordains our days. May he strengthen us to speak this truth to those who are bound by the rules of a false religion, without hope in this world.