If the levy breaks

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Mad Christians don’t need to find conspiracies under every rock to know that evil really exists and that evil people really do evil things. In this age where the “cult of vaccines” has the fearful and the powerful worshiping at the altar of medicine, an instructive case-in-point has surfaced from the nation of Lithuania. A few stories have emerged, though not widely covered by Big Media, of what life is like for those who remain unvaccinated there. Mad Mondays understands that around 40% of Lithuanians remain unvaccinated and are quickly finding life very difficult.

An anonymous man has penned a piece outlining what his life is like now. (See here and here.) Unvaccinated people are not allowed to enter many shops and businesses. Medical care is only allowed in emergencies and for outpatient appointments. Some have lost their jobs. The writer points out that Lithuania was under Soviet occupation in recent decades and deep divisions remain. While people are fearful of falling under such rule again, he says they are apathetic. Our histories might have tracked a little differently, but don’t think it can’t happen where you are.

Waiting for the storm to pass may not be an option. It may be time to brace ourselves for impact. Our church leaders are just as likely to be overcome by the white noise. Watch this sermon from Concordia Fort Wayne last week (around the 7 minute mark) and understand that whether through ignorance or by choice, people are not discerning the lies and obfuscation of the spirit of the age. GK Chesterton is said to have noted that, “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” Mad Christians know that we, like St. Paul, are crucified to the world. We are those who were dead and are now alive, washed in the waters of baptism and equipped to battle everything that sets itself against the knowledge of God and his truth. It is hard work to swim against the tide, but if you’ve shaken wide awake, you know what’s at stake. More than that, you know that our Redeemer lives and his victory is sure. Take courage – you are immortal now.

Ups and downs

There were some COVID “wins” this week… An Ohio judge has ordered that a COVID patient be treated with Ivermectin. Julie Smith won the court order on behalf of her husband, Jeffrey, who has been ventilated and in ICU for weeks. 

The Federalist is reporting that mass resistance against vaccine mandates has risen in Washington, after the state made it almost impossible to get an exemption.ICYMI An Israeli study showed that people who had recovered from SARS-CoV-2 had significantly higher immunity against the disease than vaccinated people. 

Everyone’s favorite loudmouth, Joe Rogan, has contracted COVID. Having been outspoken against COVID vaccines, Rogan has been taking various medications, including Ivermectin. He said in a post that he is feeling great.And to the battle still ahead… In a weirdly political episode, conservative talk show host, Candace Owens says she was denied a COVID test by a clinic in Colorado. The clinic claimed it would be “unfair’ for them to assist Owens because she “made the pandemic worse” by discouraging masks and vaccines.

The specter of vaccine mandates is still hanging around, with Reuters claiming that 52% of companies say they will mandate vaccines in the coming months. NPR seems surprised that vaccinations rise when they are mandated. While the article claims the rise in cases has jolted people into getting jabbed, we suspect the threat to livelihoods and the desire to go about their lives has a lot to do with it.

golgatha shared a Tweet with Us the Chill. A study about the usefulness of Ivermectin in fighting COVID-19 highlights the point: “Everyone has lost their minds and medicine is now purely political.” Yeah, we hear ya…

Time for your booster

AP News has reported that Pfizer is planning to meet with US health officials to discuss a third booster jab of their vaccine to increase antibodies. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been slapped with a new warning label by the FDA, after some cases of a rare neurological condition were discovered in vaccinated patients. Moderna is starting to study its vaccine’s affect on pregnancy and miscarriage.

Johnson and Johnson have had a pretty bad week, with several of their sunscreen lines being recalled due to the discovery of traces of carcinogenic compounds.

Protests have erupted in Greece over the banning of unvaccinated people from public spaces. Have they never heard of “bodily autonomy”?

ZeroHedge reported on a tweet thread, which show that cases of COVID are spiking in places with the highest rates of vaccinations. Dr. Robert Malone, a “pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines” tweeted that “this is worrying me quite a bit.”

South Korean gyms are being instructed by the government to only play music “120bpm or slower” as a condition of keeping their facilities open. The order is supposed to reduce the spread of coronavirus by “prevent[ing] breathing too fast or splashing sweat to other people.” Apart from the fact that lots of customers use their own headphones during a workout, one Seoul gym owner asks the big question: Which has more impact on spreading the virus- “classical music or BTS songs.” Touché

The illusion of choice

The Guardian has investigated the extent of monopolization of food production and it’s quite a thing. Though most of us are aware that many of the products on the shelves are from the same company, even competing brands, the investigation found that “for 85% of the groceries analyzed, four firms or fewer controlled more than 40% of market share.” For many supermarket goods, just a few international corporations “dominate every link of the food supply chain: from seeds and fertilizers to slaughterhouses and supermarkets to cereals and beers.”

On the lighter side of food, there is, apparently, a trend for “no-recipe-recipe” books in the modern culinary world, and Marian Bull writing at Eater decided to dive into the history of recipe writing. While this may be a subject more for the foodie Mad Monday readers, Bull actually covers some interesting ground.

Writing in paragraph form started in the 1500’s, as did the printing of recipe books, yet the way of writing recipes that we see as standard today is fairly new. Before that, many steps in cooking a dish were assumed. Citing the example of a Vietnamese cookbook from the 1940’s, Bull highlights how the author’s omissions reflect the “implied cultural proximity between author and reader… Her readers know which bones to simmer for pho broth, and for how long.” Many people today probably forget there was a time when Americans didn’t know what pizza was

While there is controversy and politics even in the world of recipe writing, nevertheless, the article is an interesting insight into the the global nature of modern cuisine, the passing on of cultural knowledge, and how you need to learn the rules “before you can begin riffing.”

Behind the masks

The masks are coming off! Everything will be back to normal soon! We’re in the clear and out of the woods!

IF you have been vaccinated.
IF you are in the right class of people.
IF you do what you’re told and don’t ask questions.

(Remember, this is a religion.)

Its message is unambiguously discomforting.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Consider a Well-Mixed Room

The prestigious boys at M.I.T. have done the honest man a favor by publishing the results of a new study which emphatically clears the air about COVID / SARS-2 status and prevention as an aerosol-style virus.

Let’s begin with some of their research:

On second thought, let’s sum up: if you are in a confined space with a sick person, no amount of masking or social distancing will prevent viral overload of the average person’s immune system over extended lengths of time.

Here’s another synonymous take: if you need to run in and out of a building in which there is a sick person, wearing a mask might prevent viral overload if you are not in there more than a few minutes. But this is anything but certain. In the other direction, wearing a mask in a room with a sick person for an extended time only makes you get sick more uncomfortably.

Or, how about this valid take away: the only way to stop the spread of COVID / SARS-2 at your local church is to never meet again. One could also send all obviously sick people home, but just like masks and vaccines, this only mitigates risk. It does not remove it.Here is one more not to miss: six feet, schmix feet. It’s a joke. This isn’t ebola.

The best cure for not getting fooled is too often getting fooled once and taking firm note.

The best cure for not being a fool is drinking from a pure font.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
Rev. Fisk

Freedom is a Long Game

This week, a great Issues etc. conversation with Dr. Stephen Baskerville from 2017 came to mind. There and in a related article, Dr. Baskerville describes how there are some striking similarities between the French Revolution and one that we are still fighting, the Sexual Revolution. The desire of the early “liberationists” was the destruction of all barriers to sexual indulgence “as the means to advance their careers, accumulate wealth, eliminate rivals, punish opponents, extort money, and generally acquire political power.” 

While the sexual libertines promised freedom, the mess that was the #metoo era suggests that the promise rings hollow. Yet, rather than a humble return to the God’s model for marriage and sex, the revolutionaries have ramped up their assault. Baskerville argues that this revolution has entered its “Reign of Terror phase.” He says, “Having ridiculed not only the Christians themselves into silence but also their annoying, old-fashioned vocabulary of ‘sin,’ ‘immorality,’ ‘fornication,’ and ‘adultery,’ the radicals have substituted jargon that instead condemns ideological unorthodoxy.” 

Instead of “traditional sins [which] were clear and precise [and] applied equally to all”, Baskerville argues we now have vague categories such as “abuse” or “harassment”, which he maintains as having no fixed legal definition. By controlling the approved language, elites can maintain their power, not just over celebrity transgressors, but also over ordinary people. There are many casualties in this war, especially fathers and husbands who have way to prove their innocence of such non-descript crimes.

Baskerville also notes the way this new morality is enforced. Previously, immoral behavior was overseen by apolitical authorities like parents, churches, and local communities. The punishment was social disapproval and ostracism – no self-respecting father was going to let his daughter marry a cad! But that has changed, with the new morality enforced by “professional disapprovers with political muscle—journalists and media pundits, lawyers, judges, police, and jailers.” 

The tyranny of the Sexual Revolution is revealed very clearly in today’s Progressive agenda. A Democratic presidency promises the reinstating of Title IX and the Equality Act, both dangerous for the family and religious freedom. Kicking against reality by denying the distinctions between male and female, destroying the family structure, marriage and the goodness of the patriarchy will have a similar end to the French Revolution; it is good to take heed. 

So what are we to do? In many ways, Mad Christians are called to the same things we ever were. We build and plant and seek the welfare of the place God has put us. We tell the truth about life, and God’s purpose for marriage and family. We promote the things that enable this purpose. We meet faithfully and partake of God’s good gifts. It doesn’t look very revolutionary, but we shine brightly in the decaying age, as each stand for truth lights the way for another.

As you will hear Rev. Fisk and Dr. Koontz repeat on BHoP, the most subversive thing you can do is raise a family, in the fear and admonition of the Lord. This may be milquetoast to the Progressives, but the realest place in the world is the home and the first line of defense against the lies of tyranny is the family. 

Freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want, as Os Guinness says, but the power to do what you ought. Fed by the Word and sacraments, the saints are empowered by the Spirit for just such a task. So don’t lose heart!  Teach your children, love the Truth and seek Wisdom. And maybe plant a garden.

0113 Unexpected Freedoms w/ George Borghardt

A RevFisk Raw Interview.

Pastor George Borghardt is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bossier City, LA, but you probably know him from his work with Higher Things, an organization dedicated to daring youth to believe in grace alone through faith alone for the sake of Christ alone. 

At a recent conference, I had a chance to sit down with him for what was supposed to be a one hour set. Instead, we talked for two hours, covering a gambit of topics from the most controversial hotbeds of distraction to the way the near loss of his daughter seventeen years ago changed his life and set him free. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Higher Things https://higherthings.org/