0129 Dis-Lodging our Insularity (Part 1: Exploratory) w/ Andrew Preus

The Mad Christian podcast 0129: If the standard congregational culture of your local congregation comes from somewhere that isn’t the Bible, isn’t Germany, and isn’t modern Americanism, then what is it? Pastor Andrew Preus and I explore the possibility that in our battle to resist the secret societies of the 19th century, perhaps American Lutheranism joined them as much as beat them.

0128 Gone Mad with Insularity

The Mad Christian podcast 0127: I didn’t exactly blow up the internet, but I triggered more than a few of us LCMS insiders with my youtube rambles about LCMS culture. Prof. Adam Koontz joins me to delve deeper into the unavoidable idolatries of habit that arise whenever we lose sight of the center, the sacrifice and the discipline of imitation.  

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