I Can’t Believe It

The primary cause of exploitation is not imagining that exploitation is possible.

Refusal to acknowledge the obvious presence of dark principalities is granting permission for their demonic influences.

The generational effect of demonic principalities is the normalization of psychopathy. Driven to and fro, the maddened ideologue/idolater will say and do anything, even polar opposite things, in order to maintain the fragile illusion of a grasp on a sane story. All the while, civilization collapses around the flapping of his arms.

“See. I have told you beforehand.”

Own the red letters. Today is still going precisely according to plan. The conspiracy is to silence your confidence in these.

The Taliban taught the world that there is no more sure bet than a zealous insurgency. The Bible is just as clear that there is no insurgency greater than that of the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ in you for such a time as this.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Disorientation is Not Entertaining

The thing about the bottom is that from there you have nothing left to lose. Nothing to fear. Nothing to hold onto.

Filling up the sins of a people until the time of wrath is God’s justice. But it is also his patience, buying you back and saying, “Come out of her, my people.”I have had momentary Harry Potter/Luke Skywalker moments wherein I surmise that I might be the long lost, hidden, protected, soon-to-be-revealed son of the king of the universe who needs me to grow up early and join the war by living a totally unexpected and awesome life that compels me to set down my petty worries and take up the arms of vivid, integral life.

Then I remember that because I am washed in the name of Jesus it is absolutely true.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

0112 The Mad Christian Returns

Yeah. And I think I kind’a like it. Walk with me on the road as we talk about the virtues of both anger and insanity, and learn how to say “bull poopy!” 

Safe for work, but you should probably wear headphones or else your cube-mates will think you’ve started drinking Khoolaid. Or, maybe, you’ll start to realize that’s what they’ve been doing all along……