You just can’t make this stuff up 7.5.21

This week in “What’s Racist Now…” (which is something we just made up):

The rotunda at the National Archive has been found to be an example of systemic racism by the Archive’s own racism task force.

Maybe they could post some “trigger warning” signage? Oh that’s one of the terms included on Brandeis University’s “oppressive language” list. It would appear some people have too much time on their hands…

Trans-racial: A British man who identifies as Korean has had 18 surgeries to make his body match his delusion.

The NFL has released a video proclaiming that “football is gay.” Thanks Steenbock, for finding that one.

Insane op-ed says apple pie is an example of “food injustice”. And don’t get them started on sugar. Or the plight of cowboys.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has suggested climate change may or may not have caused the collapse of an apartment building in Florida. As Not the Bee pointed out, it’s either climate change or racism. Always.