Enemies of my enemies are my friends

In a weird moral victory, OnlyFans, a kind of Instagram for creators of sexually explicit content, announced last week that it was getting out of the pornography business. Sort of. While nudity is still allowed, pressure from credit companies and backers means the company is trying to shake its reputation as a “safe place” for sex workers to make money.

It is a strange world we find ourselves in, where the restraining of evil is helped by unexpected players. The alliances between atheists and the pro-life cause, the much lambasted feminists who resist transgender indoctrination, the Chinese government’s clout which tempers Hollywood’s desire to go full woke. On moral issues in our community, Mad Christians may find we have allies in unusual places. May you live in interesting times, they say. That’s for sure!

Hide yo’ kids

Not the Bee broke the news that the San Francisco Gay Mens’ Choir had released what it called a “satirical” song titled “A Message from the Gay Community.” The lyrics say: “We’re coming for your children, it happens bit by bit, we’ll convert your children and you won’t even notice it.” The video was ratio’d and also pulled from a number of sites, as commenters piled on and commentators responded (Andy Ngo and Ben Shapiro).

But we know this is not a new idea for every ideology that goes against reality must continually distract using propaganda. Breaking down the family and indoctrinating children is a standard M.O. for any regime. The Sexual Revolution may be a slow one, but the infiltration of LGBT content into children’s TV programs has been deliberate and slyRealClearInvestigations also noted the way anti-racist messaging is being pushed on kids by corporations and media. 

So, Mad Christians, know what your little ones are being exposed to and do your duty in teaching them the truth of God’s Word. Praise God, he will strengthen you for this important task!