There will be riots

At least, that is what Rep. Maxine Waters plans.

She is crazy. Or evil. Or both.

“They” always are.

The promise of the current American Regime is to put an end to all forms of injustice. In order to do this, it is evident that one thus needs to put an end to all poverty. This is where things get positively insane very quickly:

A poor person is anyone who does not have what you have. To put an end to poverty, either (1) everyone would have to have everything, or (2) everyone would have to have nothing. Clearly, everyone cannot have everything, so the chaos proceeds according to schedule: the only way to end poverty is annihilation of the poor….

The uncertainty you feel in your heart this pale Monday morning in Modernland is the hint that I might not be hyperbolizing. The pillars of the earth are not trembling. It is the beastly, iron-clay feet of the global-unity mythology that staggers in drunken stupor against the supports of its own house.

Religion is adherence. In an age of manifest, reasonable paranoia, that makes everything and anything inherently and unavoidably religious. Modernism has always been a bloody and murderous spirit.

All quests for holiness ultimately are.

Riots are planned accordingly. But you do not have to attend.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

0107: Religions of Death

Episode 4 in “The Strong God” series focusing on Ezekiel as a doorway to reading the Scriptures. In this Episode, we almost get back into chapter 3, but instead embark on a fantastic discussion about the Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel, with its many ups and downs in the history of American Lutheran jargon. 

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