Welcome to the EverWar

Nobody else knows it’s here. But you are special. Set apart.


In an age of ever more confusing stories, an age of liars and lies built on love grown cold, a time of darkened thought and tyranny we gladly shop for, a place where the shameless sons of primordial Eve voice ever louder boasts nursed on fear and broken inhibitions, on a planet whose inhabitants have shown their backs to the God who made them, no matter how clearly he speaks to us, no matter how tenderly he calls, most people choose not to hear.

Most people choose to be drunk on not noticing.

Most people do not want to receive the discipline of repentance.

ou are special. Set apart. Holy.

And there isn’t a single morning between now and judgment day that it won’t be worth the fight to remember it.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

0132 The Trouble with Repentance

Is the problem me, or is it you? What if it’s all of us?   What if the greatest danger is getting trapped in an argument about whether or not there is any danger? 

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