Leviathan is a Propaganda Machine

Most human beings want predictable comfort in a stable environment.” – Dr. Adam Koontz, a BHoP upcoming episode.

Multiplicity and complication are in the nature of evil. The internet devours your humanity one exciting/worthless thing at a time. Every new tingle, each next scroll, just one more “one more moment” is another percentage point of your daily dose of willpower used for nothing much, flapping away on the breeze.

Where did all that heart go? Didn’t you dream of so much more?

Capacity to reflect is indirectly proportional to the amount of new information you absorb. Too much input may not slow down your output, but it will decrease the value of your outputĀ to you. If your silence is always drowned out by the thoughts of others, you can hardly expect to have any valuable thoughts of your own.

Spiritual problems do not benefit from consumer solutions, no matter what the label says.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Trapped Inside the Dream Machines

If your TV was really brainwashing you, how would you even know?Don’t tell me it wouldn’t make a thrilling movie. I imagine it beginning with MI6 finding the “spark” in a cache of Nazi-tek that they intercepted on its way to Stalingrad and ending somewhere in the throne room of Cthulhu.

Psychological warfare is powered by symbols. The most independent symbols are words. To subject a people without their awareness, replace all their words with pictures. Then they will be unable to speak clearly and will resort to yelling about how everything is obvious and how you should listen to them yell you into agreement about that.

But all that really needs to happen for the demons to keep winning is for us to keep watching movies rather than praying the psalms, reading the proverbs, and pondering the red letters.

Diagnosing the problem over and over again is not a solution.

The Christian thing to do is to plan to die well.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian