Wide open market

Job creation numbers were much lower than expected this August with only 230,000 positions added. Quite a bit less than the predicted 720,000. Yet other news reports suggest there is a labor shortage, not a job shortage. McDonalds in Oregon is hiring 14 and 15 year olds. Amazon has said it will drop the marijuana screening requirement in order to recruit more delivery drivers. Yahoo Finance says that half of US small businesses have positions to fill. Quite a few states have ended COVID relief payments, with Axios concluding that the reason people aren’t working is that they fear getting sick

It will be interesting to see how vaccine mandates play into this problem. Governor De Santis pointed out (linked above) that many people have worked through the pandemic, some by choice and others because they must, when no vaccination was available. NBC reported that 40% of staff in one Miami hospital remain unvaccinated. If they haven’t taken the vaccine by now, perhaps they don’t want to. What if they all resigned? 

The Federal Reserve says it will soon stop pumping stimulus funds into the economy in the light of rising inflation, which saw the largest increase in August since 2010. While Americans have noticed price increases on fuel and groceries, the National Economic Council Director says if you take out beef, pork, and poultry, prices are pretty normal. Raccoon, anyone?

Bitcoin had a bit of a crash last week on the back of El Salvador adopting the cryptocurrency as legal tender. The millennial President of El Salvador, who swept to power two years ago, is a bit of a dark horse.

Take this job and shove it

Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, has opted his state out of federal unemployment supplements and other benefits, saying that people need meaningful employment, not government handouts. Businesses across the country are struggling to find workers, as stimulus payments outstrip wages in retail and hospitality jobs.

President Biden says people want to work – but only if the price is right.. Teen Vogue, ever a bastion of morality and sense (we jest), agreed, suggesting we should give socialism a try. A new normal can be “weekly government financial aid, universal health care, and choosing to work from home if you want to, or not at all.” After all, the writer says, America wasn’t really built on “tenacity and industry” but rather on “exploitation and enslavement.” And there it is..

The magical thinking Modernland promotes, that living off others is a good thing, is not what God has said in his Word. Solomon, the wisest man who lived, concluded in Ecclesiastes that finding satisfaction in your hard work is a good thing. St Paul exhorted the Ephesians to work so that they would have something to share with one who has need.

Mad Christians know that even in the Garden, it was a delight for our first parents to work, doing the tasks God had given them. He dignified mankind with vocations, stewarding creation, raising our families and helping our neighbors. Echoing Martin Luther, Gene Veith wrote, “God is hidden in vocation. Christ is hidden in our neighbors.”

0111 Mad Christian Crazy

Episode 5 in “The Strong God” series with Pastor Adam Koontz, we get back into Ezekiel specifics; you know, like burning poop and shaving your whole body in public. That kind of stuff. It’s one of my favorite episodes in a long time.

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