The Elites are restless

John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist reflected on things we learned about the elites in America. He rehearses the double standards on the part of Democrats when it came to “the science,” lockdowns, and rioting. Davidson also reminds us that 2020 proved what many conservatives suspected— “Big Tech doesn’t care about free speech or the free exchange of ideas.”

Unherd writer Jacob Siegel wrote a blunt summary describing how elites “failed upwards” in 2020. He writes that “masks were the most visible representation of this: a year defined by politicized expert opinion detaching itself from reality and undergoing sudden reversals. Mass gatherings went from deadly super-spreader events to being practically mandatory as a matter of public moral hygiene, with the rise of the BLM protests in May. Covering up such absurdities required the combined effort of ideological enforcers in the press and on social media, brute intimidation by people with hiring and firing power, and the constant appearance of a new crisis to distract from the last.”

Siegel goes on to say, that while the biggest casualties for society are the trust in institutions and also science, the trade off for elites has been worth it. “Those costs are marginal compared to the material and political gains. If you are one of the people or organizations which repeatedly got the coronavirus wrong, abetted wanton political violence and destruction, or once again misread the American electorate, odds are very good that your funding streams, political influence, institutional power, and leverage over your fellow Americans are going increase over the next four years of the Biden administration.”

“The iron law of the American elite is that as long as everyone fails together, everyone fails upwards. Regime loyalty is the herd immunity of the ruling class, a protection against the consequences of their own failures. This is why the loss in authority that manifests in the “crisis of experts,” while real, doesn’t diminish their power. But it’s also why the regime has to become more ideological and nakedly coercive— for a kingdom of experts without reliable expertise falls back on propaganda and state power.”