The Great Divide

A recent Cambridge study claims that the partisan divide in the United States is approaching “levels of ethnic parochialism in Bosnia and Kosovo.” Spending some time on Twitter might make you think there is a dangerous “balkanization” afoot, and yet, hanging out in your average neighborhood,  you may wonder at the hype. Reality has a way of biting back and the white noise of propaganda can only distract for so long.  

Many on the Left view anyone who is not sold out to the Woke agenda as ignorant “deplorables,” but people see when celebrities excoriate anyone who won’t “believe all women,” but not when it’s their candidate in question. People see when the COVID heavies insist on keeping schools, churches, and conservative political events shut down, but laud Biden celebrations and BLM protests. People don’t want to defund the police and are tired of being told they are racists when they are not.

While a Biden/Harris presidency would likely be the Wokest yet, the alliances forming between classical liberals and conservatives under Trump are strengthening. Folks from all over the political map can agree that America is a great country and that the Constitution is worth defending. Across the nation, most people see that freedom of speech, religious liberty and open inquiry are foundational to a flourishing society.

“The truth will never be extinguished by human arms”

There is growing defense of freedom against the totalitarian Left, and people are waking up to the inconsistency of the elites and their news media. So be strong! “The truth will never be extinguished by human arms”, not even the strong arm of the White House.