Top Tens all round

 While the labels of “Left” and “Right” are perhaps less helpful right now than in the past, it is interesting to see what different publications thought was memorable about this year. Fast Company compiled a list of the “most exciting” discoveries of the year. They suggest we should treat climate change as seriously as we did COVID. You mean lock everything down until it goes away? They think it would be a great idea to cancel rent and reinvent our cities. Klaus Schwabb would be proud.

Wired identified who they thought were the most “dangerous people on the internet” this year. We can all agree Mark Zuckerberg is the architect of all sorts of infamy, and an archetype of the Silicon Valley mogul with far too much sway over our lives. However, he spent a lot of this long year trying to placate demands from those who think Facebook and Instagram censor too much and those who say not enough. Perhaps 2020 revealed more than ever that you can’t put the social media genie back in the bottle. 

In the end, Zucks wasn’t even at the top of the list. Wired nominated [spoilers] Donald Trump as Public Enemy Number One because he was the worst spreader of fake news and “COVID disinformation”. He sits alongside “right-wing extremist” groups and Russian hackers. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are conspicuous in their absence. And Karl Marx probably should get an honorable mention, but who knows his Twitter handle?